Los Angeles Port holding strong among Shanghai lockdowns

Miami Ports

The Port of Los Angeles, as of May 6th is still holding firm, not showing any reported impacts from the COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai, China. According to Director Gene Seroka, There has been “no dramatic change” in the number of vessels leaving China, as vessel numbers bound for the San Pedro Bay remain “pretty consistent,” Seroka said. The number of ships departing Asia on Friday stood at 46, in line with every other week of 2022 thus far.

Amazingly enough, there has been no reported dramatic change in the number of vessels leaving china, bound for Los Angeles Port, and traffic flow remain steady. 

The newest Shanghai lockdowns due to a recent outbreak in COVID-19 cases in China began in March 2022. These lockdowns have caused manufacturing disruptions, delayed shipments, and deliveries in China. The Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan has aided in the easement of cargo by working with the Port of LA to help ease the flow of goods. 

While plans have been made to keep the flow of goods steady into Los Angeles, shippers have still been affected by the China lockdowns. The car company Ford has reported supply disruptions on its assembly line with over 50,000 vehicles awaiting parts and other things needed for installations. 

As we are past the six-week mark of lockdowns in China, the future of the port maintaining its consistency is worrisome to Director Gene Seroka. “There are a lot of things we don’t know,” Seroka said. “If this lockdown goes farther, it goes deeper into May or June, these are issues that we’re going to have to grapple with.”