Transloading and Intermodal Synergy

In today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, the efficient movement of goods has become a cornerstone of success for businesses across industries. As international trade continues to grow and e-commerce takes center stage, companies are seeking innovative ways to optimize their logistics strategies. One such solution that has gained prominence is transloading, a shipping technique that facilitates the seamless transfer of goods between different modes of … Read More

Hazardous Goods Transportation 1 o 1

The transportation of dangerous goods is a critical aspect of supply chains that demands meticulous planning and adherence to strict safety standards. Mishandling hazardous chemicals can pose significant risks to people, the environment, and property. To ensure safe and secure transportation, companies must be well-informed about the various classes of dangerous goods and comply with specific requirements. Understanding Dangerous Goods Classes:  Before embarking on the … Read More

What should a Sustainable Supply Chain consider?

In today’s world, sustainability has become a vital consideration for businesses in every industry. According to a recent Forbes article, “Why a Sustainable Supply Chain is Critical to the Future of Consumer Products,” consumers are increasingly looking for products that are sustainably sourced and produced. In fact, research shows that 90% of consumers would switch to a brand that is associated with a good cause. … Read More

Discover More About the Local Food Distribution Process

Local food distribution typically involves the movement of fresh, locally grown or produced food from the point of origin to local consumers. The process can vary depending on the specific type of food being distributed, as well as the size and structure of the distribution network. In general, local food distribution begins with the farmers or producers who grow or make the food. When farmers … Read More

What are Some Food Supply Chain Issues to be Aware of?

Supply chain issues can have a significant impact on the availability and cost of food. The food supply chain includes a wide range of processes and stakeholders, including farmers, processors, distributors, retailers, and consumers. Having many different people in the process can lead to major complications. When there are disruptions or delays at any point in this chain, it can lead to shortages, spoilage, or … Read More

Canadian truckers are facing extra Covid 19 rules

Trucker talking to a partner

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has been heard, and the Canadian Federal Government is backing down from Covid 19 vaccination restrictions. From now on, Canadian truckers are exempt from mandatory COVID-19 testing and quarantines after returning from the United States. 

Senators Seek Vaccine Mandate Exemption for Canadian Truckers

Truck driver

President Joe Biden has received a request from 14 Republican U.S Senators who ask him for an exemption of Canadian truck drivers in the vaccine mandate for foreign truck owners/operators. They argue that the mandate will disrupt the North American supply chain.  

Industry Reporting a Short Term Decline

According to the data provided by the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), the market saw a decline in Intermodal transportation, reporting a significant decline in September 2021.  Read Here