Los Angeles Port holding strong among Shanghai lockdowns

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The Port of Los Angeles, as of May 6th is still holding firm, not showing any reported impacts from the COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai, China. According to Director Gene Seroka, There has been “no dramatic change” in the number of vessels leaving China, as vessel numbers bound for the San Pedro Bay remain “pretty consistent,” Seroka said. The number of ships departing Asia on Friday … Read More

Camioneros canadienses regresarían a EE.UU. sin restricciones

Escuche el artículo completo aquí: GLC INC. · Camioneros Canadienses Podrán Regresar De EE.UU. Sin Restricciones Adicionales Por Covid 19 La Canadian Trucking Alliance ha sido escuchada, y el gobierno federal canadiense se está retractando de las restricciones de vacunación de Covid 19. A partir de ahora, los camioneros canadienses están exentos de las pruebas y cuarentenas obligatorias de COVID-19 después de regresar de los Estados Unidos.

Canadian truckers are facing extra Covid 19 rules

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has been heard, and the Canadian Federal Government is backing down from Covid 19 vaccination restrictions. From now on, Canadian truckers are exempt from mandatory COVID-19 testing and quarantines after returning from the United States. 

The upcoming challenges for the ocean logistics industry in 2022

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The most popular strategies in the global ocean logistics industry for 2022 are to avoid the spot market, go for diverse sourcing, and hold more inventories. This was revealed in the recent survey carried out by Container xChange, with more than 800 logistics players as participants worldwide. 

Better Start your Holiday Shopping Now, Otherwise, it may be too late.

According to creditcards.com, 27% of the shoppers are planning to begin their holiday buying in September. This year, due to the  Shipping Peak Season, you should highly consider being part of that percentage; otherwise, you may not find gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, or other winter holidays. The current increase in peak season volumes paired with Covid-19  has disrupted the regular activity in the global supply … Read More