Hazardous Goods Transportation 1 o 1

The transportation of dangerous goods is a critical aspect of supply chains that demands meticulous planning and adherence to strict safety standards. Mishandling hazardous chemicals can pose significant risks to people, the environment, and property. To ensure safe and secure transportation, companies must be well-informed about the various classes of dangerous goods and comply with specific requirements. Understanding Dangerous Goods Classes:  Before embarking on the … Read More

The Pet Food Supply Chain Explained

The pet food supply chain is a complex web of processes that ensures our furry friends receive the nutrition they need. Many have wondered about the journey that pet food takes before it ends up in their pet’s bowl. This exploration offers a fascinating insight into the pet food supply chain, covering the entire process from sourcing ingredients to manufacturing, distribution, and the ultimate nourishment … Read More

A Guide for Shipping Health and Beauty Products

The global health and beauty industry has grown exponentially in recent years. Online sales have accounted for a significant portion of this growth. In 2020, the industry’s value was estimated at $380 billion, and according to a report by Allied Market Research, the global cosmetics industry is forecasted to reach $463.5 billion by 2027. It’s essential to understand the regulations and best practices for shipping … Read More

Prepare For A Hectic Peak Season in 2022

GLC's Supply Chain Management

Peak Season is among us! What does this mean in the Supply Chain world, what are the predictions, and what are companies doing to combat delays and meet consumers’ demands? What should Supply Chain workers and Consumers expect from Peak Season 2022? According to a survey from ContainerxChange, a company from Germany that tracks container movement, they predict that a chaotic peak season is ahead … Read More

5 Tips When Exporting Your Goods

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Listen to this article here: GLC INC. · 5 Tips When Exporting Goods So you have found yourself an international client who loves your product and is ready to place a large order.