Better Start your Holiday Shopping Now, Otherwise, it may be too late.

According to, 27% of the shoppers are planning to begin their holiday buying in September. This year, due to the  Shipping Peak Season, you should highly consider being part of that percentage; otherwise, you may not find gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, or other winter holidays.

The current increase in peak season volumes paired with Covid-19  has disrupted the regular activity in the global supply chain. Retailers are facing issues like shortages of ocean freight containers and domestic delivery problems. As a result, prices are increasing while stock is diminishing.

In an effort to avoid the aforementioned, retailers are doubling their stock on hand to protect against stockouts and missed sales. Last year, the situation was similar, and we saw retailers lower prices before Black Friday to guarantee product sales.  This year, we could see a similar strategy of early discounting by big-box retailers, perhaps even a little more pronounced. For this reason, if you wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you might miss out on the product altogether.

Our recommendation… BUY BUY BUY. Buy now and enjoy a happy and stress-free holiday season.