Ningbo’s Meishan Terminal Closed for the 8th Day and Counting

ningbo terminal

In what seems like a year of relentless disruptions for the international logistics sector, we are again facing another detrimental bottleneck with the recent suspension of operations at Ningbo’s Meishan terminal. The announcement came on August 10th, after a dock worker tested positive for the Delta variant.

The Meishan terminal accounts for 25% of container cargo at the Ningbo port. Due to the quickly accumulating backlog, many of the world’s largest steamship lines have diverted to other Chinese ports in an attempt to avoid long berthing times. The diversions are causing subsequent congestion in Yantian and Shenzhen to rise again, further inflaming the already dire situation, and at what could not be a worse time, the onset of Peak Season.

It should not come as a surprise that the limited space and sky-high freight prices will not benefit from the recent closure. For this reason, it is crucial to plan ahead. Build-in lead time, and consider all modes of transportation.  Overcommunicate with suppliers to ensure proper documentation is secured and that timely pick-ups and deliveries are scheduled to avoid unnecessary delays.

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