Shipping peak season is coming

The peak season in the logistics industry is an exhilarating yet challenging time when companies face a surge in demand for their services. As we approach the peak season of 2023, it is crucial for logistics companies to be well-prepared and equipped to meet customer expectations. The key lies in proactive preparation, adaptability, and a commitment to delivering a seamless logistics experience even during the … Read More

Rail Strike Looming Before the Holidays

A new potential rail strike is in the works after the largest rail union in the U.S. rejected its labor contract as of Monday, November 21st, over concerns about schedules and lack of paid sick time. Fear is setting in on what this means for potential shutdowns and the timelines, as this marks the fourth union to date to have failed to approve contracts. SMART-TD, … Read More

The upcoming challenges for the ocean logistics industry in 2022

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The most popular strategies in the global ocean logistics industry for 2022 are to avoid the spot market, go for diverse sourcing, and hold more inventories. This was revealed in the recent survey carried out by Container xChange, with more than 800 logistics players as participants worldwide. 

Ocean Carriers Rounding 2021 with Biggest Profits Yet

While consumers, manufacturers, and shippers are struggling to cut costs and remain afloat during these trying times –  ocean carriers, specifically the Japanese carrier Ocean Network Express (ONE), are reporting some of the highest profits to date. 

US Ports Employ Strategies for Peak Season

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Due to this unprecedented peak season, congestion, tight capacity, and limited equipment are daily at U.S ports on the East and West Coast. The statistics do not lie, and here is what they show.

Long Beach Begins 24/7 Supply Chain Operations

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Sept. 17th, in the thick of peak season with roughly 50 vessels anchored in San Pedro Bay, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles announced sweeping reforms in an attempt to improve fluidity and reduce delays during what continues to be unprecedented volumes at our nations largest ports. Among many of the measures being taken, is a much-needed move towards 24/7 operations. Both ports are extending … Read More

The logistics companies should be ready for the Golden Week

From October 1 to 7th. in 2021, China celebrates its Golden Week. This yearly event is well-known in logistics as it stops production at manufacturing facilities, creating a ripple effect for U.S. forwarders and their end customers. For this reason, Freight forwarders, globally, prepare for the Holiday Weeks in advance.  During the weeks preceding Golden Week, importers rush to ship cargo from China to the … Read More