Prepare For A Hectic Peak Season in 2022

GLC's Supply Chain Management

Peak Season is among us! What does this mean in the Supply Chain world, what are the predictions, and what are companies doing to combat delays and meet consumers’ demands?

What should Supply Chain workers and Consumers expect from Peak Season 2022?

According to a survey from ContainerxChange, a company from Germany that tracks container movement, they predict that a chaotic peak season is ahead of us. They also predict this is a result of lockdowns in China, high inflation, and the war in Ukraine. The survey also detailed that “Most freight forwarders, traders, and shippers expect more disruption in the 2022 third-quarter peak season than they felt last year.”  ContainerxChange goes on to further the evidence by noting that while companies have prepared ahead of time for peak season, most companies are still heavily relying on spot rates to move their cargo.

What is the industry doing to combat typical delays during Peak Season?

Also mentioned in the report, it highlights the number of ways the industry is combating potential chaos ahead of Peak Season. Statistics show that 56% in the industry are growing their networks, 38% are forming long-term contracts, and 38% were prepping ahead by over-ordering inventory in early 2022 to prepare ahead of time. Moreover, 25% of industry-related professionals reported shipping different routing methods, and 19% were forming long-term contracts or agreements with carriers, in an effort to guarantee space for their cargo.

GLC is prepared and ready to handle any and all of your and your customer’s freight during Peak Season.  Contact a representative with us: [email protected]. We have premade bookings ahead of time to help support our customer’s needs.

Tips and Tricks GLC advises preparing for Peak Season 2022:

  • Explore expedited transportation options
  • Pre-book shipments 3 or 4 weeks in advance
  • Highlight your priorities & keep clear communication with your shipping allies
  • Explore nighttime or pre-pull options when available
  • Consider alternative port pairings