What are the new user fees as advised by US Customs?

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What are the new user fees as advised by US Customs?

US Customs has advised of the below increases in user fees, which will be effective October 1, 2022. 

MPF Minimum:  $29.66 (previously $27.75)

MPF Maximum:  $575.35 (previously $538.40)

Informal Entry Fee:  $2.37 (previously $2.22)

Customs Fees:

Merchandise Processing Fee:

.3464% Commercial Invoice Value

-Minimum: $29.66

-Maximum: $575.35

-Informal Entries only (<USD$2500): $2.37


Harbor Maintenance Fee:

.125% Commercial Invoice Value

-No Minimum or Maximum charge

-Only applicable for ocean freight shipments discharging at a US Port


REMEMBER: In order to facilitate and fund US Customs in the United States, there are several charges that need to be paid for cargo clearance. One of these charges is the Merchandise Processing Fee, also known as MPF.  This fee is automatically calculated in the system and is based on the value of the commodity being imported into the US.  It’s a service fee from US Customs to the Importer of Record and not from GLC.



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