Meet our Employees of the Last Quarter 2021

DIANE GUZMAN | Accounts receivable Manager| GLC Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Diane joined GLC in October of 2019 and started with a hybrid role. She had administrative duties and learned about our Accounts Receivables. Now, almost two and a half years later, she is the Accounts Receivables manager. Being able to transition and flourish into a new role is what she loves most about working for this company, the opportunity for personal and professional growth. In the coming months, Diane hopes to be able to nurture and cultivate a stronger A/R Department. She wants to improve processes by identifying problems at their origin, maintaining the flow of revenue, and defining key objectives and KPIs. In her opinion, being recognized as one of the employees of the quarter means that her efforts are being acknowledged, and are held in such high esteem by her peers, furthering her motivations. This developed passion keeps the fire in Diane’s belly, keeping her burning and yearning to do more. She hopes that her achievements are a testament to all the great things one can accomplish here at GLC.

ADRIAN AGUIRRE| Warehouse Manager | GLC Distribution, Rialto, CA

Adrian started his career in GLC on September 30th of 2020. Previously, he was the warehouse manager of the very esteemed Steve Madden. He considers himself a very organized, precise person who likes to work in a culturally rich environment. In the coming years, he hopes to grow the Rialto, CA warehouse into the most profitable branch it can be, and he is ready for that challenge. One of the most important things that he loves about his job is that everyone is always bustling,  and what this recognition means for him is that his Team has done a great job, and he couldn’t do it without them.

ANDREA RAMOS | Digital Marketing Analyst| GLC SAS, Bogotá, COL

Andrea is a social communicator and journalist, specializing in Digital Marketing. She came from a Digital Marketing Agency with multiple years in media, creating content for different companies and applying strategies within internal and external levels. She has been working with GLC since April 2021 and, in her opinion, this has been a great opportunity for her. “In the beginning, it was a challenge because of the language, but now, this is a blessing for me. GLC is a company where everybody has a voice and that is what I love the most”, she said. In the coming years, she expects to expand the digital marketing side of the GLC brands, and spearhead the process in Colombia and in the U.S. This recognition is huge for her and makes her feel proud of her work and her team. She hopes to work for many years alongside GLC.