What is the Country of Origin Marking Requirements?

Customs Question of the Month
with Licensed Customs Broker, Jessica Parks

Q: What is the Country of Origin Marking Requirements?

 A:  All cargo that is imported into the US needs to be labeled correctly with the country of origin (country of manufacture, production, or growth). The purpose of the marking is to inform the ultimate purchaser in the US of the country in which the article is manufactured. The product or the packing of the product needs to be labeled with the country of origin. The “packing” is not referring to the shipping container/packaging, but the actual package for the product. This marking needs to be in a prominent place and as legibly and permanently as the commodity will allow. When articles or containers are found upon examination not to be legally marked, US Customs will notify the Importer and their Customs Broker to arrange for the commodity to be properly marked, or to return all released articles to US Customs custody for marking, exportation, or destruction.

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