Customs Brokerage Question of the Month with LCB, Jessica Parks

Customs Question of the Month

Q: What information should your commercial invoice have to ensure compliance?

A: Per U.S. Customs Regulations, each invoice for imported merchandise must include specific information and be in English (or include an English translation) to ensure compliance (19 CFR § 141.86).  This information includes, but is not limited to, a detailed description of the merchandise, the purchase price and currency, country of origin, the seller and buyer of the merchandise, any other parties with interest in the shipment for Customs purposes, and any freight, insurance, and/or packing costs need to be listed by name and amount.  If a packing list is not provided, the commercial invoice must state the packing breakdown of the cargo in acceptable detail.  Any discounts, rebates, drawbacks, or assists need to be included and separately itemized on the invoice for valuation purposes.  The importer of record is responsible to ensure the commercial invoice for their shipment is compliant with U.S. Customs Regulations.



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  1. The delivery terms, payment details and also if possible supply declaration with commitment should be indicated on invoices.

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