U.S. Port Congestion Makes Its Way To The East Coast

US port congestion

New equipment shortages and congestion are evolving on the East Coast as import numbers continue to grow. The increased volume seen in Savannah and New York is in response to the bottleneck in Los Angeles and Long Beach, which shows little signs of letting up.

As ports and railyards grapple with higher demands, chassis supply continues to be an issue, resulting in port-imposed storage and demurrage fees across the United States. Despite hopes of some reprieve following the Chinese New Year, inflated freight charges and delays remain. And with the recent announcement from the National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasting record growth in 2021, ports and importers alike are bracing for another year of record-breaking firsts.

To best circumvent the challenges ahead, our import team recommends a proactive approach towards your inbound shipments. Actions such as providing ample notice of cargo-ready dates and timely document turnover will help minimize your exposure to delays and costly fees.

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