Shipping peak season is coming

The peak season in the logistics industry is an exhilarating yet challenging time when companies face a surge in demand for their services. As we approach the peak season of 2023, it is crucial for logistics companies to be well-prepared and equipped to meet customer expectations. The key lies in proactive preparation, adaptability, and a commitment to delivering a seamless logistics experience even during the … Read More

Market Expansion Fueled by Small to Medium Sized Freight Forwarders

Small Freigth Forwarders

According to Valuates Reports, the Freight Forwarding market is expected to reach USD 207 billion by 2026, from USD 170 billion in 2019. A compound annual growth rate of 2.8% from 2020 to 2026. The report focuses on three key factors influencing the expansion of the logistics sector: the increasing demand for low-cost shipping, a better understanding of customer preferences, and the growing flexibility of … Read More