How to Be Prepared for Chinese Golden Week

As the Chinese Golden Week in February approaches, businesses and supply chain managers around the world brace for the impact of this significant holiday period. With factories closing and the pace of business slowing down in one of the world’s largest manufacturing hubs, preparing effectively is crucial to mitigate disruptions and capitalize on opportunities. Here’s how companies, guided by the expertise of Global Logistical Connections … Read More

The logistics companies should be ready for the Golden Week

From October 1 to 7th. in 2021, China celebrates its Golden Week. This yearly event is well-known in logistics as it stops production at manufacturing facilities, creating a ripple effect for U.S. forwarders and their end customers. For this reason, Freight forwarders, globally, prepare for the Holiday Weeks in advance.  During the weeks preceding Golden Week, importers rush to ship cargo from China to the … Read More