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All Risk Cargo Insurance

Dear Customer,

We thank you for selecting Global Logistical Connections, Inc. for your company’s transportation needs. We pride ourselves in our commitment to professionally handle your shipment and will do everything within our power to make sure your shipment is delivered in perfect condition.

You should be aware, however, that circumstances outside of our control could damage your shipment while in transit. We, therefore, recommend you purchase All Risk Cargo insurance to cover your shipment while in transit.

Your shipment should be insured for its full CIF value, Cost of Goods — Insurance — Freight, plus 10%; this will insure that your company’s total financial exposure is covered against any physical loss or damage during transit.

Please note that all transportation carriers limit their liability to amounts that simply won’t cover the full financial exposures involved with your shipment. For example:

  • Domestic transportation carrier’s limit can be as low as .50 Cents per lb.
  • International Air carriers limit is $20.00 per Kilo
  • International Ocean carriers limit is $500 per shipping unit

In certain circumstances these carriers could have no liability to your shipment at all. For example:

  • The delivery receipt was signed clean.
  • The loss was a result of an Act of God or a strike or riot.
  • Global Logistical Connections, Inc. is pleased to confirm we can provide “All Risk” Cargo Coverage.

Highlights of our insurance program are:

  • “All Risk” Cargo Coverage
  • Covers from Warehouse to Warehouse
  • Storage Coverage Extensions as required
  • Worldwide Network of Claim Settling Agents
  • Negotiable insurance certificates as required by letters of credit
  • A Professional Claims Processing Office, International Bond and Marine Brokerage, Ltd., who will represent you in the settlement of a claim
  • Financially Sound Insurance Carriers
  • Claims Control and Risk Management Services through our insurance partner, International kBond and Marine Brokerage, Ltd.
  • A claims processing computer system with full automation of cargo claim adjusting, which will provide on-line service to access claim status and claim analysis reports.


Global Logistical Connections, Inc.

All Risk Cargo Insurance

“All Risk” Cargo Coverage Cost $0.55/$100 of value (based on Cost, Freight + 10%) with a $75.00 min. 

Automatic Milestones & Online Web-Tracker Access

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Global Logistical Connections, Inc. As part of our customer service experience, below you will enjoy access to automatic email status notification and our online web portal tracking system. 

Please complete the below form with the contact information you would like to have access to these automatic notifications from the system. 

Please see our available automatic email notification milestones and check the notifications you wish to receive. 

Credentials for our online web tracker and automated milestone updates will be sent to your email within 48 business hours. Please be sure to check your spam/bulk folder.

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