GLC New Client | Continuous Bond Application

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NCP: Continuous Bond Application (Oct.3,2022)

Continuous Bond Application

A Bond guarantees payment to U.S. Customs for the Duties and Taxes due on an import shipment. Many Importers purchase a US Customs Continuous Bond to avoid Single Entry Bond charges. A Continuous Bond’s value is based on 10% of the Duties, Taxes, and Fees paid on shipments imported over the previous 12-month period. $50K is the minimum value of a Continuous Bond.

Importer Information
Shipment Information

Previous Year's Shipments

Please enter the # and value of shipments (entries) imported last year and the est. Duties and Taxes paid – if no previous imports put N/A

Next Year's Estimated Shipments

Please enter the # and estimated shipment value, Duties and Taxes anticipated over the next calendar year. If you are unsure, base on the expected volume this year.

*Please note that the surety approving this continuous bond will likely require cash collateral for the entirety of the bond. A Customs brokerage representative will contact you with more details upon submission of your application.