As a partner in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism the senior management of Global Logistical Connections, Inc. has the commitment to support supply chain security to the highest achievable level.  We are committed to:


  • Ensuring that Global Logistical Connections, Inc. is meeting or exceeding all CTPAT minimum security criteria.
  • Ensuring that documented procedures that address security for all facets of our business operation are in place, actively followed, audited periodically to measure internal compliance, and reviewed and updated annually.
  • Ensuring that documented container and conveyance inspections are conducted.
  • Ensuring that our supply chain business partners are thoroughly screened and meet CTPAT minimum security criteria.
  • Ensuring that employees with involvement in shipments, shipping documentation, cargo storage/handling, container/conveyance inspections, IT/computer use, physical security, facility/physical access, auditing, HR/personnel/hiring, or selecting/screening business partners receive initial and annual refresher training in CTPAT practices to include a test to measure comprehension.
  • Ensuring that support functions (IT, physical access controls, security systems, visitor controls, etc.) are secure.
  • Ensuring that physical access controls are secure, effective, and verified periodically.
  • Ensuring that Global Logistical Connections, Inc.’s facilities are secure and well-maintained.
  • Ensuring that documented Risk Assessments of our supply chains are conducted annually or when conditions change in a region where Global Logistical Connections, Inc. cargo is active.

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