Latest Update: Israel at War

As the conflict in Israel continues to unfold, the Israeli Federation of International Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearing Agents is committed to keeping our partners, and the broader business community informed.

The “Swords of Iron” – Israel at War – Bulletin #7, offers valuable insights into the consequences of the conflict on trade relationships and potential disruptions to major trade routes. We aim to provide a snapshot of the current situation as it affects the movement of export and import cargo on the ninth day of the war.

Customs and Regulation Authorities: Business as Usual

The entity reports that all customs field offices and regulation authorities are operating regularly. Despite the challenging circumstances, they continue to provide essential services to facilitate international trade. This commitment to consistency is a testament to the resilience of the Israeli customs and regulatory agencies.

Border Crossings Update – October 16th, 2023

On this date, we have specific information regarding cargo operations at Allenby/King Hussein/al-Karama Bridge crossing. This key border crossing is operating partially between 08:00 – 16:30. The following cargo types are being handled:

Palletized Cargo – Import: Despite the ongoing conflict, import operations for palletized cargo remain operational, ensuring that essential goods can still flow into the region.

Export: Exports continue to be processed, allowing businesses to maintain their global connections.

Cement (Silo in Bulk): Cement, a vital component in construction and infrastructure development, is being transferred in bulk, supporting ongoing projects.

These updates may only scratch the surface of the complexities and challenges faced by the freight and logistics industry during this period. However, every piece of information is valuable in helping you make informed business decisions.

Staying Informed and Connected

We encourage our network to stay informed through multiple trusted sources and to reach out to us if you require specific information or assistance related to the movement of goods during these times. We are here to support and facilitate the industry’s resilience in the face of adversity.

In these trying times, unity and information-sharing are essential. Let us continue to stand together as a community, navigating these challenging waters with resilience and determination.