5 Reasons Why You Should Consider ACH!

Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) is a program available for those companies that import into the US as an option to pay duties to US Customs electronically. We believe that this program is essential and beneficial to importers! Here are a few reasons why…


  1. Having duties debited directly from your bank account allows you to better control your cash flow and have better visibility on the duties you are paying to US Customs. GLC ensures that you will know a few days in advance the total amount of duties that will be debited from your account and when!
  2. When paired with the Periodic Monthly Statement (PMS) program, duty payments can be batched and paid every month rather than within 10 days of the entry summary being processed. For example, the duties for any entries cleared in February won’t be debited from your bank account by US Customs until the 15th business day of March!
  3. Customs Brokers will typically reduce their duty outlaying and/ or processing fees if you have your own ACH account with US Customs as it puts less liability on the Customs Brokers making these payments on your behalf.
  4. When approved, you will receive a unique Payer Unit Number (PUN) that is yours to keep and can be used by any Customs Broker to you give Power of Attorney.
  5. You can sit back and relax! As long as sufficient funds are in your bank account, US Customs will withdraw them automatically. There is no need to send in payment and fret about checking that you are sending the right amounts, on the right day, to the right person.


If you’re interested in learning more about the program and/ or apply please contact us below for more information!