Employees of the Fourth Quarter 2022

Antonia Ochoa/ GLC –Export Team Lead

Antonia Ochoa joined the GLC team in October 2020 during a difficult time because of COVID. She came from a CFS. She worked on Documentation/Reports for Imports & Exports, Tracking Import Air Shipments, Placing Claims for Lost/Damaged Cargo, and Creating Release Forms for carriers to pick up cargo.

What she loves the most about her job is the fast-paced industry and building strong relationships not only with clients but also with the entire team. Antonia and her team assist with the transportation process from pickup to the final destination. She is proud to have the feeling of satisfaction in finding solutions amidst the challenges she faces.

She wants to continue growing together with the company and this recognition represents her hard work and dedication. This also provides the motivation that will inspire her colleagues to thrive and push forward.

Jazmine Alonso/ GLC Distribution – Customer Experience Manager

Jazmine joined the GLC team in February 2021. Before starting with the company, she worked at NFI as a customer experience representative as well as working with VAS production and inventory.

What she loves the most about her job are the team and the environment. In the coming years, Jazmine hopes to continue to level up and build her career at GLC. She knows that everyone at the company is working hard, and for that reason, this recognition feels amazing, and it makes her feel proud of her continued effort.

Erica Espinoza/ JD Logistics- Warehouse Operations Manager

Erica joined the GLC team back in May 2014. She took 2 years off to be a stay-at-home mom in 2019 for her two boys at 3 yrs old and 5 yrs old. She Joined JD with her husband Josh in May 2021.

She first started as a warehouse employee back in 2014 and as GLC grew bigger; she was promoted to warehouse supervisor and was asked to run the second warehouse in Compton. Erica started as a dispatcher for JD and her current position is Warehouse Manager.

One thing she loves about her job is servicing all of our customers. What she hopes to accomplish in the coming years is to grow and learn more about our industry.

This recognition means a lot to her because she believes that she works hard every day, and there is nothing better than the feeling of appreciation and recognition for her hard work.

Karen Zipa/ GLC Colombia- Human Resources Manager

Karen joined GLC in March 2022. Before joining, she was linked to companies in the Hydrocarbon, Energy, Health, Telecommunications, and Construction sectors, managing the area of Human Resources, Payroll, and External/Internal Audits.

What she loves the most about her job is the warmth of the people around her, the flexibility of the company that provides personal and professional development, the stability that she currently has, and many other reasons that make her feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of GLC.

She hopes to create a qualified team, with high standards, be a committed and happy person at work and at home and help GLC S.A.S grow.

This recognition for Karen has been very important, she believes that it is worth all the effort, love, and commitment that she puts into her work daily. It motivates her to continue to improve and demonstrate why she deserves this recognition.