Employees of the 2nd Quarter 2022

Ruben Bueno| Mexico Sales Representative| GLC-Inc

Ruben Bueno is from Puebla, Mexico. He has a degree in International Business and joined GLC in January 2018. During these short few years with GLC, his unwavering desire for professional growth was recognized by the Company leaders early on. Ruben’s pursuit of new challenges and opportunities landed him as a key figure and driving force in establishing GLC’s first Mexico location, in Guadalajara. Ruben’s combined skills in International Business, Sales, and Operations have made a huge impact on his efforts in expanding the market in his home country. He considers the recognition of employee of the quarter to be of high significance and is proud to be an integral part of the team and establish GLC’s global footprint.

David Mendoza| Operations Supervisor| GLC Distribution

David Mendoza works as the Operations Supervisor for GLC Distribution in Charleston, SC. David is a huge asset to GLC, originally working in the GLC California warehouses, he was shortly promoted and relocated to Charleston, SC. His prior 8 years of Distribution and Production experience proved to be fruitful in developing the Charleston operations. David describes himself as very competitive, highly motivated, and takes pride in providing a stellar customer experience for clients. “I am proud to have been awarded one of three Q2 Employees of the Quarter. Although I appreciate this award, I could not have done it alone. With the help of leadership, CSR’s and other associates who constantly help with tasks/challenges, I achieved this award. This award is not only a representation of myself it is a representation of the TEAM entirely.”

Karen Díaz| Pricing Specialist| GLC S.A.S

From Bogotá- Colombia, Karen Díaz is the embodiment of determination, representing the culture of the Colombian people. She joined GLC in 2021, as a seasoned International Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management Pricing Specialist.  Her expertise lies in providing customized pricing solutions for import and export shipments, ensuring she caters to her customer’s needs. She is future-focused and is grateful for the opportunity to be on a team that has helped channel her growth professionally and personally. In addition, she takes great pride in maintaining long-standing relationships with her clients. Karen has been a valuable addition to the Pricing team and feels proud to be recognized as one of the Employees of the Quarter. She considers this achievement a personal accomplishment and hopes to continue to provide support to GLC and her customers.