Meet the Employees of the First Quarter of 2022

Arantxa Símbala Ibarra| Import Coordinator | GLC-Inc

Ecuadorian, Arantxa joined GLC in July of 2021 as part of our internship program. Prior to GLC, she worked for an Ecuadorian Import company. She was responsible for importing premium brand products such as wines, groceries, chocolates, and snacks from Europe, America, and Asia. As an Import Coordinator in our Chicago Office, she loves incorporating her experience as an International Business Engineer into the customer experience, helping to create networks and building relationships. 

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, she cited both learning all the US processes and overcoming the challenges that logistics companies face in the current situation/environment. Arantxa sees herself working alongside the company growing together, boosting her knowledge in all the fields including Exports and Brokerage, learning new cultures, and furthering her personal and professional development.

To be named one of the employees of the quarter means that all of her efforts and challenges she overcame were worth it. She is thankful for the tremendous learning opportunity and the incredible GLC Team that has supported her.

Latrell Robinson| Warehouse Supervisor | GLC Distribution

Latrell joined GLC in September 2021 as a warehouse supervisor. He has previous experience in warehousing, sales, and marketing. His combined experiences in each field have helped him learn and grow.  What he loves about being part of GLC is the multiple learning opportunities from others and being challenged to be better every day. “I have been able to build relationships one on 1 with clients and peers, allowing me to soak up as much information as possible, be the best at what I do here, and grow the warehouse more and more each day with the entire team,” he said. Latrell sees a very bright future with GLC. In the coming years, he wants to keep learning more about freight forwarding and the logistics services GLC offers to find innovative ways to progress as the world changes, bringing more significant ideas and better opportunities for improvement and growth. 

This recognition means everything to him. He feels very blessed to have been given this opportunity at GLC to become a part of a family that genuinely cares for people and accepts them regardless of their flaws or experience. He says that he has been given a chance to show how much he wants this and to own it. Being the Q1 employee of the quarter of 2022 shows him that all his hard work, dedication, and long nights of thinking, planning, and executing have paid off. He is very proud of how far he has come, and he looks forward to the places GLC may take him in the future. 

John Oviedo | Customs Entry Writer | GLC S.A.S

John, a member of the BOG office and Customs Brokerage Department, joined GLC in December 2019 through the CHI internship program. Before working for GLC, John was already immersed in the logistics world as an import assistant at Falabella. 

As a Customs Entry Writer, John loves the fast pace and knowing that he will learn something new each day, improving his overall knowledge of the U.S. Customs Process. 

One of his present goals is to help scale the Bogotá division of the Brokerage team so that it continues to be successful in its support for GLC’s continued growth. John feels it essential to share this recognition with his colleagues as he is acutely aware of the incredible team that supports him each day, and knows he could not do it without them.