Four Benefits Associated with Transloading to Keep in Mind


Since the onset of the Pandemic, importers have been looking for solutions to offset the extreme delays and price hikes associated with international shipping. Transloading offers both. 

It is not a new solution but is often substituted for drayage or intermodal when shipping conditions are stable. With transloading making its way back into the spotlight, we have decided to highlight four of the top benefits associated with transloading.


1. Over the Road cost savings

With transloading, you only pay for one-way trucking services. Compare this to the round trip cost associated with returning empty TEUs to the terminal, and you have significant cost savings. 

2. Increased time-efficiency

Transloading equals speed. And in times of severe congestion and limited capacity, speed to market is invaluable. Through transloading, your goods are quickly transferred from one mode to another, avoiding delays at terminals and rail yards. 

3. Helps you to have better ocean rates  

Now more than ever, steamship lines are interested in increasing container turns. For this reason, if your final destination is in the interior of the country, and requires long-haul drayage, taking days to a week for the equipment to be returned, Steamship lines may offer rate reductions for choosing a transloading solution. 

4. More value-added

Transloading at specialized facilities allows products to be strategically reworked and consolidated before being loaded onto trucks or railcars and shipped on demand to their final destination. Reworking can include palletizing, kitting, labeling, and other value-added services, preparing your goods for your end customer, removing slack from your supply chain, and allowing for maximum flexibility. 

Where are GLC’s Transloading Facilities Located?

GLC has six trans-loading facilities: Los Angeles (3), Chicago, Charleston, and Miami. All of which are near intermodal terminals ensuring short drayage service.

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