Ports of L.A. and Long Beach continue to face unrelenting volumes

Port of Los Angeles sees Record Breaking Volumes

November brought another month of record-breaking volumes, with the Port of Long Beach handling 382,677 inbound TEUs, marking a substantial 30.5% increase year over year. Despite this surge, a notable shortage of chassis and a scarcity of drayage providers have led to containers accumulating at the port, exacerbating congestion issues significantly.

This bottleneck at the port has precipitated extended delays in vessels berthing and resulted in escalating demurrage fees. Over recent months, the average dwell time for containers has notably increased from three and a half days to a week. As of December 8th, the congestion had intensified with 47 vessels waiting at anchor offshore and 27 berthed, an extraordinary scenario even by the standards of the busiest U.S. ports.

The Holiday Season may be drawing to a close, yet the port continues to face unrelenting volumes and elevated ocean freight rates, trends that are anticipated to persist well beyond the Chinese New Year in mid-February. This ongoing situation underscores the critical challenges facing port management and logistics operations, which are now essential focal points for stakeholders seeking to mitigate impacts and streamline the flow of goods in these congested nodes of global trade.

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