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GLC Mexico

As an integral part of Global Logistical Connections (GLC) branches around the world, GLC México stands proudly alongside our established offices in Colombia, the USA, and Israel. Situated in the bustling city of Guadalajara, our strategic location offers a distinct advantage in the supply chain industry, serving as a key link between North America and the rest of Latin America. Guadalajara is not only a cultural and economic epicenter but also a crucial nexus for logistics and transportation networks, providing optimal access to major markets.

Offering a comprehensive range of logistics services, from freight forwarding to customs brokerage, as well as e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution services, GLC México continues the company’s tradition of excellence, ensuring seamless connections and top-tier solutions for our valued clients.

Guided by their Pillars of Success—Enthusiasm, Respect, Authenticity, and Work Ethic—GLC believes that their success is intertwined with that of their clients and partners. This philosophy drives an engaged and performance-based culture, emphasizing efficiency, productivity, agility, and reliability.

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Lastest Update: Customer Advisory ZMP Service

Customer Advisory ZMP Service לקוח יקר, אנו רוצים ליידע אותך ששירות ה ZMP ימשיך לשרת כל נמלי ים התיכון והישראליים. הפעילויות למעברי הנמלים ימשיכו תוך כדי שמירה על הסטנדרטים הגבוהים ביותר של בטיחות, החיוניים להגנה על אינטרסיהם של כל בעלי העניין. Dear valued ZIM customer, please be advised that the ZMP service will continue to serve all its East Med and Israeli ports. Operations to … Read More

Keeping the Freight Industry Informed: Israel at War

As the conflict in Israel continues to unfold, the Israeli Federation of International Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearing Agents is committed to keeping our partners, and the broader business community informed. The “Swords of Iron” – Israel at War – Bulletin #7, offers valuable insights into the consequences of the conflict on trade relationships and potential disruptions to major trade routes. We aim to provide a … Read More

Port of Long Beach Forecasts ‘Modest’ Peak Shipping Season

The Port of Long Beach, one of the most important ports in the United States, is expecting a “modest” peak shipping season this year. According to the site JCaptain, the port moved 578,249 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) last month, marking a decrease of 26.4% compared to last year’s exceptionally busy July. Imports went down by 27.9% to 271,086 TEUs, exports decreased by 17.6% to 90,134 … Read More

Global Logistical Connections’ Services

In today’s world our business has become increasingly driven by international trade, and partnerships through our valued agents across the world has allowed GLC to achieve a competitive advantage in our marketplace. From our Warehousing and Distribution Operations to our Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding expertise, we are a complete supply chain management corporation. Learn more about all of our services.

GLC Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

GLC México specializes in freight forwarding, acting as a trusted intermediary between clients and transportation services. With a deep understanding of global logistics, we facilitate the smooth movement of goods, ensuring timely and efficient delivery across various modes of transportation.

GLC, Inc. Warehousing & Distribution Services

Warehousing & Distribution Services

GLC México boasts state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, guaranteeing that your products remain safe, secure, and primed for dispatch. Beyond mere storage, our integrated approach ensures a seamless flow from the end of the production line right to your customers.

GLC Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

In the intricate landscape of international trade, GLC México stands out with its dedicated Customs Brokerage Division, ensuring a seamless and “safe passage” for all your shipments. Our team of fully licensed and qualified brokers is adept at navigating complex regulations, ensuring full compliance with all requirements.

GLC's Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

For shipments demanding swift and precise delivery, GLC México’s Air Freight is the optimal choice. With an extensive network encompassing major Mexican airports such as Mexico City International Airport, Cancún International Airport, and Guadalajara International Airport, we ensure comprehensive coverage and flexible routing options.

GLC's E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

From intake of goods in Mexico to real-time inventory management, GLC México offers comprehensive e-Commerce solutions tailored to the dynamic Mexican market. Whether you’re looking at Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) within Mexico, our adept e-Commerce team promises a seamless and transparent journey from start to finish.

GLC Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting

GLC Mexico stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of supply chain consulting, leveraging years of global trade experience to offer unparalleled services. Our profound knowledge is evident in the intricate web of global interconnected and interlinked networks they deftly navigate, showcasing their comprehensive expertise.

Interested in all of the services that Global Logistical Connections, Inc offers? Learn more about our international shipping, freight, cargo, and fulfillment services here.

Global Logistical Connections, Inc


Global Logistical Connections, Inc. (GLC) is a fully integrated Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding and Warehouse Fulfillment operation with locations throughout the United States, as well as Bogotá, Colombia.

From our Warehousing and Distribution Operations to our Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding expertise, we are a complete supply chain management corporation.

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Los Angeles, CA (Headquarters)
19701 Hamilton Ave, STE 160
Torrance, CA 90502

P: 310-603-2100
F: 310-603-2109
E: [email protected]

Miami, FL
11421 NW 107th Street. Unit 18
Miami, FL 33178

P: 954-999-0418
F: 954-314-7715
E: [email protected]

Greensboro, NC
101 S. Elm St. Suite 310
Greensboro, NC. 27401

P: 336-530-9940
E: [email protected]

Bogotá, Colombia
Calle 26# 92-32. Oficina 03-131
Bogota, Colombia

P (international): +57 350-278-4518
P (within the US): 954-629-0731
E: [email protected]

Los Angeles, CA (Warehouse)
9724 Alabama St
Redlands, CA 92374

P: 909-312-6865
F: 310-603-2109
E: [email protected]

Charleston, SC
9004 Sightline Dr, STE N
Ladson, SC 29456

P: 843-605-9340
F: 843-605-9341
E: [email protected]

Denver, CO
9380 Station St. Suite 550
Lone Tree, CO 80124

P: 303-630-0512
E: [email protected]

Tel Aviv, Israel
Yavnieli 7 Herzelya
Tel Aviv, Israel

P: +972-54-3662662
E: [email protected]

Chicago, IL
1450 American Lane, STE 1250
Schaumburg, IL 60173

P: 630-283-0045
F: 630-283-0046
E: [email protected]

Chicago, IL (Warehouse)
23647 W. Eames St.
Channahon, IL 60410

P: 630-283-0045
F: 630-283-0046
E: [email protected]

Guadalajara, México
Guadalajara, Jalisco

E: [email protected]