Geared cargo ship with lifts and cranes

What is a LoLo?


LoLo is short for lift-on, lift-off and used to refer to the type of vessel in the large array of multi-purpose cargo ships in the world. LoLo usually has built-in cranes which enables the ship to be able to lift-on and lift-off cargo giving LoLo ships versatility for loading and unloading.


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Fully loaded, geared container ship departing port of Xiamen, Ch

What are the advantages of LoLo?

  • A space for cargo that can be altered to fit the need of the shipment
  • Able to fit both 20’ and 40’ containers
  • Great for cargo too large to fit in a container
  • Cheaper than RoRo
  • Higher load capacity than RoRo

They are still able to carry containers, and have the versatility to carry other types of items.

Should I choose LoLo or RoRo?

It really depends on what you are planning to ship. If you’re wanting the shortest shipping time or you are shipping larger than container options, or shipping a vehicle, RoRo would be the best option. LoLo is generally cheaper than RoRo and more friendly to the environment with much lower CO2 emissions when compared to other vessels. LoLo ships also do not need dock equipment to unload.

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