When does the FDA Renewal process for Food Facilities begin?

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Customs Q&A of the Month: When does the FDA Renewal process for Food Facilities begin? With Licensed Customs Broker, Jessica Parks   On October 1, the FDA will open its portal where food facilities must renew their food facility registrations. The window for renewal will run from October 1 until December 31. We encourage you to renew early to avoid any disruption in your shipments. … Read More

New Marine Terminal Tariff for Port of Savannah

A new marine terminal tariff will go into effect on October 1st for the Port of Savannah, stemming from a concern of an influx of empty containers at the Port’s terminals.  In the midst of longshore labor negotiations on the West Coast, US importers are shifting a large portion of their cargo to the East Coast, which is creating empty backlogs nationwide. This influx of … Read More

Latest Imposed GRI for FedEx marks history

Thursday, September 22nd FedEx Corp announced a 6.9% general rate increase (GRI) to be imposed starting 2023. This GRI marks the largest percentage of increase year-over-year in the company’s history.   All services will be affected by the GRI, except for the LTL, or less-than-truckload service, FedEx Freight, which could fluctuate between 6.9% and 7.9%, according to the customer’s scale.  On average, FedEx’s annual tariff rates … Read More

What are the new user fees as advised by US Customs?

Customs Question of the Month with our Licensed Customs Broker, Jessica Parks. What are the new user fees as advised by US Customs? US Customs has advised of the below increases in user fees, which will be effective October 1, 2022.  MPF Minimum:  $29.66 (previously $27.75) MPF Maximum:  $575.35 (previously $538.40) Informal Entry Fee:  $2.37 (previously $2.22) Customs Fees: Merchandise Processing Fee: .3464% Commercial Invoice Value -Minimum: … Read More

Los Angeles Container Ports Lessen Congestion

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Records are being broken at one of the nation’s biggest Ocean Ports. According to the Port of Los Angeles, July 2022 was a record month for them in processing containers. On Aug 17, 2022, a press release was announced by the Port, claiming they processed an estimated 935,345 Twenty-foot TEUs in July. This record number of TEUs was a major jump for the port, outmatching … Read More

Prepare For A Hectic Peak Season in 2022

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Peak Season is among us! What does this mean in the Supply Chain world, what are the predictions, and what are companies doing to combat delays and meet consumers’ demands? What should Supply Chain workers and Consumers expect from Peak Season 2022? According to a survey from ContainerxChange, a company from Germany that tracks container movement, they predict that a chaotic peak season is ahead … Read More

Employees of the 2nd Quarter 2022

Ruben Bueno| Mexico Sales Representative| GLC-Inc Ruben Bueno is from Puebla, Mexico. He has a degree in International Business and joined GLC in January 2018. During these short few years with GLC, his unwavering desire for professional growth was recognized by the Company leaders early on. Ruben’s pursuit of new challenges and opportunities landed him as a key figure and driving force in establishing GLC’s … Read More

What is an ISF or 10 + 2? #brokerageterms

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ISF or 10 + 2 or Importer Security Filing  How can GLC Help with an ISF? GLC is a licensed customs broker so we are able to electronically submit specific advance cargo information to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP). This information is known as an ISF (Importer Security Filing) or more commonly know as 10 + 2. The information submitted in an … Read More

Is It Acceptable To Use UNK for FSVP Importer’s DUNS on Entries of Food, Beverage, and Dietary Supplements?

Question of the month with our Licensed Customs Broker, Jessica Parks: Answer:   No, as of July 24th, 2022, Customs will reject any entries filed with the code UNK in the Entity Number field for the FSVP Importer’s DUNS. Per FDA Regulations, 21 CFR 1.509(a), FSVP importers will be required to ensure that their valid, 9-digit DUNS number is provided in the Entity Number field. The … Read More

Port of Savannah Container Volume Increasing

2022 fiscally has been a huge success, according to the Georgia Ports Authority. In one year, Port of Savannah has recorded 5.76 million twenty-foot units being handled, making it an 8% overall increase year over year. Simultaneously, the port of Savannah has also announced that June 2022 was also a record-breaking month for them, handling 494,107 TEUs, which is a rise of a 10.6% increase … Read More