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Employees of the Third Quarter of 2022

Ana María Parra/ Export Coordinator/ GLC Inc  Ana Maria started with GLC in February of 2022. Although having worked in the freight forwarding sector in Colombia for the last decade, GLC is Ana Maria’s first U.S.-based firm. In her words, “working for a U.S. firm the last ten months have been a great and rewarding professional challenge for which I am grateful.” Before starting with … Read More

News Sites Report Shipping Container Surplus, What Does it Mean?

Here are some key points: At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic shippers were in desperate need of containers. Now, some ports have seen a decline in bookings and have a container surplus. Most news outlets report that this is due to a decrease in demand but the data points to things returning to pre-pandemic levels. US Retail Sales point to stronger consumer spending in … Read More

Inland Container Congestion in Chicago and Dallas

Inland congestion is causing a major supply chain disruption among the nation’s busiest ports due to a severe chassis shortage, causing an influx of containers to pile up in Chicago, Dallas, Memphis and Kansas City. This is an ongoing issue, which has only been exacerbated due to an influx of inventory overflowing already full warehouses. As a result, Union Pacific Railroad (UP) has been stacking … Read More

New Potential Rail Strike Looming Before the Holidays

A new potential rail strike is in the works after the largest rail union in the U.S. rejected its labor contract as of Monday, November 21st, over concerns about schedules and lack of paid sick time. Fear is setting in on what this means for potential shutdowns and the timelines, as this marks the fourth union to date to have failed to approve contracts. SMART-TD, … Read More

New Baltimore container terminal under development

Listen to this article: GLC INC. · New Baltimore Container Terminal Under Development The Port of Baltimore is located in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, and is considered the deepest harbor in the area. This port, closer to the Midwest than all other East Coast ports, was ranked first in the nation in 2020 for handling automobiles, light trucks, farm, and construction machinery, and lastly imported gypsum. … Read More

Port of Miami Expansion Projects Underway

Listen the article here: GLC INC. · Port Of Miami Expansion Projects Underway The Port of Miami, located in Florida, is geographically placed between North and South America, making it a “cargo gateway” for trade in the Americas. It is a powerhouse for east coast transportation because it is increasingly stable for trade from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Recently, the Port of Miami released its … Read More

When does the FDA Renewal process for Food Facilities begin?

Listen to this article GLC INC. · When does the FDA Renewal process for Food Facilities begin?   Customs Q&A of the Month: When does the FDA Renewal process for Food Facilities begin? With Licensed Customs Broker, Jessica Parks On October 1, the FDA will open its portal where food facilities must renew their food facility registrations. The window for renewal will run from October … Read More

New Marine Terminal Tariff for Port of Savannah

GLC INC. · New Marine Terminal Tariff for Port of Savannah A new marine terminal tariff will go into effect on October 1st for the Port of Savannah, stemming from a concern of an influx of empty containers at the Port’s terminals.  In the midst of longshore labor negotiations on the West Coast, US importers are shifting a large portion of their cargo to the … Read More

Latest Imposed GRI for FedEx marks history

Thursday, September 22nd FedEx Corp announced a 6.9% general rate increase (GRI) to be imposed starting 2023. This GRI marks the largest percentage of increase year-over-year in the company’s history.   All services will be affected by the GRI, except for the LTL, or less-than-truckload service, FedEx Freight, which could fluctuate between 6.9% and 7.9%, according to the customer’s scale.  On average, FedEx’s annual tariff rates … Read More

What are the new user fees as advised by US Customs?

Listen to this article: GLC INC. · What are the new user fees as advised by US Customs? Customs Question of the Month with our Licensed Customs Broker, Jessica Parks. What are the new user fees as advised by US Customs? US Customs has advised of the below increases in user fees, which will be effective October 1, 2022.  MPF Minimum:  $29.66 (previously $27.75) MPF Maximum:  … Read More