WEBINAR: Managing expectations for the 2021 peak season

A challenging peak season is around the corner and every part of the supply will feel the impact. For this reason, logistics professionals need to begin preparing for what will be a tumultuous few months. To help, Global Logistical Connections has planned a free webinar designed to shed light on the current situation and provide tips and tricks on how to handle the obstacles ahead. 

Why do you need Inventory Management?

In order to successfully scale your business, inventory management is vital. An organized inventory will prevent common problems like stock-outs, excess stock, or overselling. 

When to use FBM over FBA?

With nearly 346,000 sellers joining the Amazon Market so far this year and an estimated 91 new sellers joining every hour, we figured it might be best to share an essential piece of fulfillment insight to the roughly 1.6 million active Amazon sellers wondering when it is appropriate to use an FBM strategy.