Export Spotlight- Australia

shipping to Australia

As the United States’ 16th largest goods export partner, Australia is a core export market for GLC, with our teams routinely handling air, LCL, and FCL shipments.

Importing $26 billion in U.S. goods, Australia accounted for 2% of all U.S. exports in 2019. Top commodities included machinery, vehicles, medical instruments, and aircraft, with agricultural products also leaving a significant mark, making them our 19th largest agricultural export market.

Although a significant trading partner, for many U.S. exporters, shipping to Australia can appear daunting. Partly due to the nuances of A.U. import laws and what seems like having to choose between lengthy transit times or competitive pricing. Our team’s thorough understanding of Australia’s import procedures removes these uncertainties and allows for a streamlined progression. Our export department will ensure your shipment is compliant, from packing declarations and AUFTA forms to using Australia-approved fumigation providers during BMSB.  We can also present customized transportation strategies, including consolidations, direct shipment, and transshipment, to match the right solution with your current and future needs.